In the house of my childhood, a bush of a tea rose was a light pink color. Every spring, the rose was magnificently covered with flowers and exuded an unforgettable aroma. Many years have passed, but the aroma and look of the blooming tea rose still evokes warm feelings and some kind of nostalgia for childhood. 

In general, the queen of flowers, the rose has a little surrendered its position in the 20th century, when gardeners have access to flowers from around the world. But very soon the breeders clutched their heads, and the world saw many new varieties! The most unusual and rare varieties of roses are in our TOP.

  1. Black Rose.

A black rose is a record holder not only by rarity but also by heavy metals, which are more in this flower than in any other rose. True black roses grow in Turkey, although adding a dye directly to the plant, an amateur can make any rose dark.

  2. The Rainbow Rose.

This is exactly the case with rainbow roses, which are initially monocular. Then they are added various dyes so that each petal gets its color. Professionally engaged in such transformations is only one firm in the world, so these roses and roads are rare. 

  3. Blue Rose Santori Aploz

There are no blue roses in the world, this is either an artificial color or a fake. But the breeders are still trying to get a naturally blue flower. It is believed that the most successful in this the Japanese, who presented the world's most blue rose in 2009. 

  4. Chinese Rose Viridiflora

Chinese rose, rose Viridiflora, green rose - this plant is one of the most amazing among the whole family. Botanists say that the petals of this rose are nothing but sepals, but the fragrance will convince you otherwise. 

  5. Rosa Oziriya

Osiria - one of the most varieties of rare roses, the petals of which have a different color on the outside and inside, this time - burgundy and white. 

  6. Rose Grace

If you really love roses, you can turn them into almost any flower. There are roses-bindweeds, clematis, peonies, but this particular sort of Grace - is practically not distinguishable from dahlias. A rare variety, which over the years is gaining more and more lovers. 

  7. Rose Pierre de Ronsard

These extraordinarily large and fragrant flowers were named after the French poet, who created many elegant pieces. Such roses, by the way, are also one of the most expensive in the world!

  8. Rose Sweet Juliet

Another very expensive and rare rose - "Darling Juliet", was created in England, and by popularity can compete with the work of Shakespeare. Everyone literally fell in love with this delicate flower, but the plant is even more expensive than the variety of Pierre de Ronsard. 

  9. Rosa Pura Caprica

Amazing roses that change color as they wither, have appeared in flower gardens more recently. In addition to changing colors, they are distinguished by a disorderly arrangement of the petals of the bud. Indeed, this whim! 

  10. Tiger Roses

Tiger roses of various colors are still very rare, although the kennels try to diversify their colors, and most importantly - combinations. Colored, striped, and even in small specks, such roses are not familiar to most growers, but still, exist.