The jubilee novelty from Apple caused a lot of controversy among fans of the company. Today we decided to figure out whether he really is worth his money?

The new iPhone becomes new most effective only for apple. Most of the functions and most importantly - the design of the smartphone - insiders merged into the Internet long before the official presentation of the device. Moreover, the frameless display and the face scanner - all of this we have already seen somewhere. Let's see what is incorrect with the iPhone X.


First, the display of the device immediately catches your eye. It is really unusual, there is a U-shaped cutout on top, where the front camera, speaker, sensors, and sensors for Face ID technology are hidden. But it was because of it that the useful display area disappeared.
Since the screen is active in the right and left upper corners, imagine that the video will be played back with a huge hole on the side. Not the best solution, is not it?

The weight

In addition, the device is slightly heavier. Now the iPhone X weighs 174 grams. It happened because of the new glass case, which is likely to be collected your most detailed prints. Many users are already alerted by the rear glass cover. Just remember the iPhone 4 / 4S, in almost every second user the back cover was completely broken.


There was information that in the case of replacing the glass on the front of the iPhone X, problems should not arise. They can appear with the replacement of the back cover. It is likely that the price of it will "bite", and it is very painful.

Pay it!

The next obvious disadvantage is the price of the device itself. Agree, $ 999 for the base model with 64 GB on board is a bit too much. Plus, let's remember the failure with Face ID on the presentation. When the new 3D face scanner did not work, Federici took a spare device to fix the situation.
In fact, Apple has already commented on this event and explained that the device refused to release the lock due to the fact that someone from the staff showed the face to the smartphone. Nevertheless, after the presentation, Apple gave the opportunity to test journalists a new smartphone. The latter noted that Face ID works quite quickly, but sometimes it "sticks", and the user has to shake his head so that the smartphone recognizes it.


The last not less important disadvantage is a small battery. It is still unknown what capacity it has, but due to the decrease in capacity in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, we can conclude that the same thing happened with the jubilee flagship.
The manufacturer said that the iPhone X will work for 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. Moreover, in the talk with the wireless headset, it will last up to 21 hours, while working with the Internet - up to 12 hours, the video can be played up to 13 hours, audio - Up to 60 hours. And thanks to the availability of wireless charging, the smartphone can be charged up to 50% in just half an hour.
And now let's understand, the reduced capacity of the battery is compensated by a powerful processor and an optimized system. Nevertheless, over time, it is still worn out, and because of the fact that its capacity is less, it can happen much faster. Putting a new battery is not so cheap if you take into account the cost of the smartphone itself. It turns out a vicious circle.
Is iPhone X worth the attention? Certainly. Every Apple device is worth it. But you can also agree that the jubilee flagship turned out "for C grade." Most iPhone fans were expecting something more.

Quick charging though available, it needs to be purchased separately, and it will cost a few extra thousands.