Flowers have always been a constant favourite of women's hearts. Alive, they please the eye in nice compositions, and artificial ones perfectly decorate the interior or women's accessories and clothes. The technician of making flowers from cloth is a lot, they vary in complexity and purpose. Notes of the layman picked up a few simple in the implementation of options that will quickly become familiar with the basics of this skill.

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Step-by-step fabrication of flowers from fabric

Artificial flowers from organza, satin or chiffon

Materials: synthetic fabric (organza, chiffon, tulle or satin), the main thing is that it consisted of 100% polyester; candle; scissors; stencils of different sizes or ruler; Thread and needle, beads, beads, for decoration; invisible, felt, glue gun (if you make a hair clip or brooch).

1. Cut out circles of different diameters from the fabric (you can use ready-made stencils, you can draw squares and trim the corners under the ruler).

2. Gently pat the edges of the circles (make sure that the material does not touch the flame). From the fire, the fabric will not only be melted but also beautifully wrapped, resembling the likeness of petals. If black tan marks are formed, cut them and again cut off the edge.

3. Fold all the workpieces on the principle of matryoshka (from large to small) and connect the centre of the thread. The more blanks are produced, the richer will be the artificial flower. Decorate the middle with beads, beads or rhinestones.

4. From the flower you can make an elegant brooch or hairpin, attaching to the inner side a circle of dense felt, to which the base for a hair clip or a pin for a brooch is sewn.

You can experiment with the shape of the stencils by carving out different petals or whole flowers. Also, when making a flower from a fabric, you can combine materials of different texture or colour.

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Making a decorative flower-spiral

You will need fabric (suitable for both natural and synthetic material), scissors, glue gun.

1. Cut the fabric into strips (the longer and wider the strip, the larger the flower size).

2. Fold the strip in half along the entire length and fold one end into a tight roller - this will be the centre of the flower. Secure with glue.

3. Twist the strip around the axis in a spiral once (like twisting a rope) and make a turn around the centre. Refit with glue.

4. Continue to twist the strip of fabric and wrap it around the middle of the flower. Do not forget to fix them with glue after one or two turns.

5. In the end, leave a little cloth, and close it with the back of the flower, attaching the remainder of the strip with glue. Gently trim the extra corners. An artificial flower is ready. You can decorate it with leaves of felt. This simple technique of making flowers from the fabric will allow you to quickly, literally in half an hour, decorate the barrette, belt, purse or dress.

How to make an artificial flower of woollen cloth. 

What you will need: woollen fabric (any material that can hold a shape is suitable for making a flower); stencils; scissors and handle; an adhesive gun and a base for a brooch or barrette.

1. Cut out the fabric of the workpiece (a small circle-base and 7 flowers).

2. Fold the workpiece in half, and then in half. At the resulting triangle, cut the sharp corner, apply glue on the cut and glue it to the round base nearer to the edge. Do the same with three more flowers, attaching them so that the middle is left empty.

3. Add the other petals in the same way and fill them with an empty centre. It remains only to sew or glue the base for the brooch and the floral accessory is ready.

Starched decorative flowers of linen or cotton

This technique of making flowers from the fabric will require a little more time and effort from you than the previous versions, but it is also very simple and understandable.

Materials: natural fabric (linen or cotton); starch (it is more convenient to use aerosol); stencils; scissors, glue gun, iron.

1. Stuff the material well and iron it. Using the template, cut 8 large and 10 small petals (you can more for extra completeness) from flax and a circle-based of felt.

2. In the middle of the base of each petal make a small incision (about 1 cm).

3. For an artificial flower to be voluminous, it is necessary to give a rounded shape to the petals themselves. This is done as follows: on the front side of one of the cut halves, apply glue, and overlap it on the second half with the back side. Do this step with all the petals.

4. Now it is possible to glue the large lobes (outside) first on the circle-base first, and then small (towards the centre). It remains only to make the core of our flower from the fabric: cut a circle of small diameter, fold it four times, cut an acute angle and glue in the centre (for the "stuffed" core you need a few pieces).

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Artificial "cheerful" chamomile

These flowers of fabric are beautiful not only as barrettes or brooches. They work wonderfully both as decorative objects of a home interior (magnets, decorations on frames for photos), and as additional elements of female or children's accessories.

For work, you need contrasting pieces of material; multi-coloured felt; organza or taurine; stencils; rivet or large rhinestones for the core; thread and needle, scissors; The base for the barrette or pin.

1. Cut out two large and small diameter felt rings (this will be the base and the core) and 6 flowers (2 blanks for each colour: 4 for petals and 2 for a substrate) under the stencil. Their number depends on how complete you want to make a flower (if desired, you can make several layers).

2. Add two petals of the same colour together and connect them with a larger felt circle-base with neat stitches in the centre.

3. The remaining petals fold four times and, alternating in the staggered order, sew them in the centre of your base flower. On top, add a layer of light organza or tulle. Cover the core with a felt circle of small diameter and decorate it with a large bead or rhinestone. The fabrication of the flower from the fabric is complete, it remains to attach a pin or hairpin to it.