Have you dreamed of fleeing to some paradise island for a long time, where there would be only the sea, the sun, palms and your love? Excellent! But sometimes this rest becomes a real nightmare for two. To avoid mistakes and conflict situations, use the advice of our experienced psychologists. So, 8 golden rules for a happy holiday with your loved one.

Decide how you see a joint holiday

To avoid misunderstandings and disappointments, determine in advance that your preferences in the option of rest coincide. Otherwise, it will turn out that you like beach rest, you want to warm sea, and he is active, and he is eager for snow-capped mountains. Talk to each other also about why you are traveling together: to be together without strangers, to tear yourself away "to the full", to learn something new, interesting. Often, at the stage of discussion, a conflict arises that turns into finding out the relationship, and what will happen on vacation ... Psychologists advise - prepare a romantic dinner, in such a pleasant atmosphere, communication will be much easier.

Plan the program in advance

Having decided on the place, try at least in general outline to make a program of your joint recreation. Look at the Internet photos, read reviews about your tour, in order to know in advance which excursions you will surely order (or where you will go 100 percent yourself). This will give you the opportunity to quickly and accurately plan your vacation immediately upon arrival. But you do not have to pound yourself in advance - you may like someplace, and you will want to see it again, or you will find new friends who invite you somewhere to go together. Leave the white bars to then fill them in place, depending on your mood or new information.

Discuss the theme of the work

Unfortunately, modern business often poses challenges that need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Many people even work on vacation, and this is one of the most important reasons for quarrels during the holidays. Ideally, you need to leave your laptop at home and not answer phone calls, but not everyone can afford it. If "forgetting work" does not completely enter into your plans, then discuss in advance the time and duration of your stay on the Internet on working issues, so that later it does not become the cause of the conflict.

Avoid old unpleasant topics

On vacation, it is necessary to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. One of the major tour operators conducted a survey and found out that four out of five couples quarreled on vacation, and in the overwhelming majority of cases, the quarrel was not the circumstances of the rest, but the old problems. Therefore, if you do not want to mar the large conflict with an already short time of travel, put it on the condition not to talk about topics that, as you know, do not like your partner. Try at least on vacation to enable each other to be content with life and for a while to abstract from the problems. If the partner is good, he will do his best so that your wishes can be fulfilled.

Stay Optimistic

The poll, which we talked about, revealed another, very paradoxical fact - some people said that resting ... causes them stress. It can happen to you or a partner because you have changed the habitual place, gastronomic habits, sleep time ... and in general, traveling is a tiresome thing! But is it worth giving a bad mood even a chance to spoil what you have been preparing for months? Some particularly impressionable people are ready to fly home at all if something does not happen by their will. Come to your senses! Put on rose-colored glasses! No reproaches, especially tears! Your little punctures (forget something, do not do something, or take something) will turn into an anecdote, of which you will later recall with a smile.

Count money

Determine your budget for recreation

Holiday is a costly business. To begin with, it is important to determine how much money your couple can spend on the tour and take with them. And who will decide on how to spend it. In any case, personal money in a certain amount should be for everyone, so as not to ask a partner to allocate you for ice cream, a cocktail, and other small things. If the trip is financed by a man, you should clearly know how much you can spend without his knowledge. And never go beyond that - even if you saw the thing that you've been dreaming about for life. You can fulfill the dream but lose the man. Better honestly tell him that you will be insanely happy, if ... He himself will buy you, as a gift.

Scroll to personal time

In ordinary life, each of us has its own rhythm and its hobbies. Therefore, allow your companion to smoke a hookah alone, drink beer with new acquaintances, if he so wishes, and do not deny yourself the pleasure of playing a game of tennis, lying around by the pool or going shopping. Even a loved one can be too much, writes arabio.ru, so give him the right to stay without you, bored each other. However, do not forget to offer "bored together" - maybe he will agree to sit with his laptop in a shade near your court or beach.


Rest is the time when the laws of habitual behavior can be slightly moved apart and show him that you are that little thing. Try all your charms for seduction, only gradually, otherwise, it will be a shock. Start with the fact that, beautiful and tanned, you put on your shortest sexy dresses, surprise the deep neckline and ... like him even more. But here there is an underwater stone - do not forget that there are other men who will pay attention to you. So do not give cause for jealousy and show that everything you do, you do exclusively for him, your beloved and the only one.

That, in fact, is the whole science. We wish you a pleasant holiday together! We hope that these tips will make your holiday unforgettable and harmonious! Come back happy! Have a rest in a pair! It's so nice!