Acne cannot be ignored. They say that something is going wrong.

how to get rid of back acne scars

Where does Back Acne come from?

In an unpleasant situation, like back acne, there are basically two reasons: external and internal. Well, then, as usual, there are nuances.

External causes

It is about those cases when the rashes become an inflammatory reaction of the skin to an unfavorable environment. Most often such a reaction leads to:

  1. Insufficient hygiene. There are many sebaceous glands on the skin in the scapula zone. Skin fat is an excellent breeding ground for the multiplication of various bacteria that cause acne. Someone's fat is produced less, someone has more. And if you belong to the second category, it is important to approach hygiene of the back more carefully.
  2. Synthetic clothing. If the clothes from natural fabrics well remove moisture and allow the skin to breathe, then synthetics often plays the role of a kind of thermos. Due to poor ventilation, we actively sweat, the sweat stays on the skin and, like fat, improves health and personal life of microbes. With all the ensuing.
  3. Too tight T-shirts and sweaters. They can literally rub dirt and sweat into the pores.
  4. Loose hair. They share their own mud and fat with the skin of the back. In addition, the tips of the hair irritate the skin, causing it to produce excess portions of fat.
  5. Use of an unsuitable cream or lotion. For example, excessively greasy sunscreen can perfectly protect your back from sunlight, but at the same time shamelessly clog pores, increasing the risk of inflammation.

In fact, this is not a complete list of external causes. Science honestly admits that it can not always catch situations that are prerequisites for a rash. This is due to the individual characteristics of each person and the fact that sometimes pimples occur on seemingly ridiculous occasions. For example, their reason may be a normal backpack or your love for driving a car (the seat presses on your back, irritates the skin - and now you already have acne).

Internal Causes

Among them, doctors mention:

  1. Genetics. Predisposition to acne is often from parents.
  2. Changes in the hormonal background. Back Acne and shoulders of many occur during adolescence - this is due to the restructuring of the body. In women, acne can also be caused by hormonal irregularities during menstruation and pregnancy.
  3. Stress. Emotional stress does not cause a rash directly. However, they can influence the hormonal background or the immune system, which, in turn, already provoke rashes.
  4. Features of nutrition. Under suspicion are products with a high glycemic index and milk. Not that the relationship between diet and pimples on the back has been proven unequivocally, but research Growing evidence is a possible link between diet and acne  The American Academy of Dermatology shows: a diet helps to get rid of acne.
  5. Side effects of drugs. So, some antidepressants may lead to rashes.
  6. Hidden diseases. Endocrine disorders ( diabetes ), malfunctioning of the liver (hepatitis), genitourinary system, gastrointestinal tract - all this can manifest as a rash.

How to get rid of back Acne Scars in simple ways

It happens that the causes of the rash are almost obvious. It is enough to analyze the changes in the way of life that preceded the appearance of acne. Perhaps you have become more active in training? Or is there a thing in your wardrobe that you do not get out of? Or maybe you started using new Skincare products?

If you have a similar cause turned out to be such a trigger, try to exclude it for a while (put off a comfortable dress or sweater, go back to the usual cosmetics) and follow the skin condition. Improvements will give an unambiguous answer.

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If there is no obvious reason, it is necessary to act comprehensively. That's what doctors recommend to undertake first of all.

1. Take a shower more often

Always after each workout. If you are just sweating, also, if possible, run into the shower or at least wipe your back with damp napkins.

2. Use antibacterial soap or gel

Such a means cleans the pores of contaminants well. If your skin is not sensitive, you can try and heavy artillery - cleaning agents with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in the formulation.

Well proven and cosmetics with tea tree oil.

3. Make a high or short hairdo

Your goal is to remove the irritating hair from the back.
By the way, when you wash your head, try to keep the conditioner or balm from draining over the shoulders and shoulder corners: it can clog pores.

4. Give up fatty body care products

This includes sunscreens and nutritional lotions. At least for the back, use the lightest moisturizing products.

5. Change clothes if sweaty

Go in a hot minibus or actively run for office, but there is no opportunity to take a shower at work? Then carry with you a changing dress, shirt, and change clothes as soon as you sweat. It is important to act quickly: the longer the moisture contacts the skin, the higher the risk of new acne.

6. Wear loose clothing made of natural fabrics

Breathable and moisture-absorbing properties of cotton and flax, in this case, cannot be overestimated.

7. Revise the diet

Try to exclude foods with a high glycemic index: white bread, pasta, pastries, potatoes ... Let them take their place vegetables, fruits, lean meat, whole grain bread, and cereals.

8. Analyze the medicines that you take

If the rash appears in the list of possible side effects, consult your doctor. Perhaps he will pick up for you an alternative drug.

9. Allow yourself to relax

It also happens: the less stress - the less acne. Maybe this is your case?

How to Treat Back Acne

Unfortunately, simple tools help at all times. If you have adjusted the lifestyle, but within a week or two, the amount of acne has not decreased, be sure to consult a therapist or dermatologist. Perhaps the rash is a symptom of abnormalities in the body.

The doctor will ask you about lifestyle and health in detail, and ask you to take a blood test (optional - scraping). Based on the results of the research, further treatment will be prescribed.

Back Acne can be one of the first symptoms of diabetes or hepatitis.

If the tests showed that the health of the internal organs is okay, the dermatologist can prescribe the following:

  1. Healing creams and ointments. There are many drugs for external use that help curb acne. Some of them struggle with excessive production of sebum, others effectively kill bacteria. Such drugs can contain both the already mentioned salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, as well as more powerful ingredients like retinoids and antibiotics.
  2. Tablets. They affect not only the skin but the entire body from the inside. These can be antibiotics, hormonal drugs (eg, contraceptives ), isotretinoin (a bioactive form of vitamin A). Here it is important to remember: these drugs can be quite serious, so self-treatment is unacceptable!
  3. Laser procedures. Using a special device that generates a laser beam of a certain intensity, the medic destroys the accumulation of microbes under the skin. And the number of pimples decreases.
  4. Chemical peels. Their main active substance is acid in one or another concentration. Peeling allows you to quite painlessly remove the affected upper layer of the skin, align its relief.
  5. Drainage procedures. They help to bring out the contents of the cysts - purulent formations deep in the skin.

Which of the types of procedures will be effective in your case, the doctor will tell. And again: do not self-medicate, not to aggravate the situation and not miss a serious disease.