If you have problems with being Overweight, then nutritionists are advised to lean on fresh fruits and vegetables. They practically do not contain fats, and carbohydrates generously supply the entire body with Energy, which makes them an ideal option for dietary nutrition. But to the bananas, the slimming ones were always skeptical, excluding them from the ration for the satiety and caloric content. But, it turns out, bananas can be used to Lose weight, and for this, it is worth knowing the following. 

Bananas - Sport makes you lose the most Weight.

But to do the Exercises, you need energy. Bananas are perfect for this purpose. It is useful to use them both before and after training. These fruits contain a lot of glucose, which enriches the body with the energy necessary for sports Activities. Also, bananas are rich in potassium. This micronutrient protects muscles from spasms and dizziness. To make up for the strength after training, one or two bananas are sufficient.

Bananas improve metabolism and reduce appetite 

For maximum benefit, eat slightly unripened, greenish fruits. While they are ripening, they are filled with starch, which significantly inhibits appetite and promotes the oxidation of fats in the body. If you replace 5% carbohydrates in the daily diet with bananas with stable starch, this will allow burning fat to 30%. Unripe bananas have a bitter taste, which can be broken with honey, nuts, spices, and berries. Use greenish bananas to make smoothies and yogurts.

Bananas improve digestion

According to research, bananas are rich in fibers, which improve digestion. Thanks to potassium, an excess liquid is excreted from the body, which is beneficial for the appearance. Women who took a banana twice a day before meals, the stomach for two months, was much less than other weight loss. Also bananas reduce the need for sugar, carbohydrates and other harmful products.

Bananas have few pesticides

The thick peel of the banana prevents the chemicals from getting into the fruit, which also makes the Weight Loss Process more successful. The fact is that according to scientists, pesticides affect the increase in body weight. This is due to the fact that the toxins of fat cells, after getting into the body of pesticides, are involved in the interaction, which affects the burning of energy. Change thin-bodied fruit to bananas and start to lose weight, because there are always enough pesticides in apples, peaches, nectarines. 

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If you previously had to refuse bananas in favor of a slender figure, you can add them again to the daily diet. Only carefully choose in the store the fruits, taking into account the above recommendations. Bon appetit and Successful weight loss!